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Musica Contea


Saturday May 4th 2024
8.45 pm
Kerkplein 1 Vorden

Tickets : € 17,50

A unique musical rendition of Anne Frank’s Diary

On Saturday, May 4, following the commemoration of the dead, the choir Cappella Bronckhorst will perform the oratorio “Annelies.” English composer James Whitbourn wrote the piece as a musical representation of Anne Frank’s diary.

“Annelies” was the full name of Anne (Annelies Marie) Frank.

It is a contemporary composition about the life and sad fate of Anne Frank. The work is accessible, grand and compelling. The music and lyrics poignantly convey something of the joy and sorrow, fear and hope that Anne must have felt.

Choir : Cappella Bronckhorst
Soprano Soloist : Johanna Baumann
Ensemble :  Musica Contea
Symone Boerstoel – violin
Henk Menkveld – clarinet
Hugo Doesburg – cello
Hanke Scheffer – piano
Conductor : Rob Kaptein